M.E.A. Italiain the market for over 40 years, in the North of Italy, produce quality furniture with fine finishes. Our strengths are customer service, quality craftsmanship, the wide range of products and the ability to respond to your every need in terms of quantity and style required. Our structure, composed of highly specialized craftsmanship with a solid background, can offer a wide range of products of different types, which can satisfy more type of customers.

We can provide different styles from classic, antique and worked, to a modern and functional; the materials ranging from walnut, cherry, oak, but also more modern works, such as high-gloss paint. In addition – what usually uncommon for other companies – we can provide complete furnishing, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms up to bathroom furniture. The materials used are exclusively of Italian origin, as well as the production, all in Italian premises.